1 AITCA=0.00029 BTC // 1 AITCA=0.04024 LTC // 1 AITCA=0.01091 ETHER // 1 AITCA=3.22273 RIPPLE //

AITCA Wallet

AITCA is a FREE private blockchain platform. The AITCA platform further extends the innovation of Bitcoin and blockchain by integrating distributed machine learning. You can use the AITCA platform to issue Assets for any personal or organizational financial needs, or you can use AITCA as your own financial/private network. AITCA asset are very unique in make-up, as they have some characteristics of cryptocurrency, some characteristics of a token, and yet can be seen as a hybrid asset/token/cryptocurrency which make AITCA asset inherently more valuable to our users.


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Access to our main site at Aitca.net and explore our AI fully functional demos.

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